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BNP vows to continue movement

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Staff Reporter
Accusing the government of spreading various rumors about dialogue to confuse people, opposition BNP on Tuesday vowed to continue the ongoing movement until it gets victory.
 “Some ministers are saying a behind-the-scene dialogue is on. I want to clearly state that the current illegal and immoral regime doesn’t want any dialogue and it has no sincerity about it,” said BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.
In a statement from an undisclosed location, he also said what the government is saying about the ‘so-called’ talks is totally baseless.
Reiterating the opposition’s stance on the national election, the BNP leader said, “The current regime must arrange the polls under a non-party neutral government after resigning and postponing the election schedule to overcome the ongoing political crisis.”
Fakhrul also alleged that the government agents are spreading rumors through a section of social media as people waged a strong street movement to resist the government’s move to hold a unilateral farce election. “These agents are resorting to cooked up stories and a rumor as the government is getting weaker every moment.”
He also voiced strong determination that the 18-party leaders and activists together with people will continue their movement for ensuring their democratic and voting rights until they get the victory. “The current movement of the country’s independence and democracy-loving people can never fail. Inshallah, people will win.”
Mentioning that most of the registered political parties did not join the ‘so-called farcical’ election process, he said this has demonstrated that the majority of the country’s people will not accept the farcical polls. “But the government and its puppet Election Commission wants to hold a unilateral election.”
According to a primary account of the Election Commission secretariat, a total of 1,107 aspirants of 15 registered political parties out of 40 submitted their nomination papers to contest the 10th parliamentary election billed for January 5.
 In the last national election in 2008, a total of 38 registered political parties joined the polls and some 2200 aspirants submitted their nomination papers.
Fakhrul claimed that other political parties, social and professional organizations, the whole nation, the UN and the international community are in favor of a free, fair and credible election with the participation of all parties.
The BNP leader demanded the government immediately release all its arrested party leaders and activists and withdraw all the ‘false cases’ filed against them.