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Blockaders plan to sink launches, ferries: PM

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A Correspondent
Gazipur: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday said she had information that the blockaders have a dirty plan to sink launches and ferries in their intensified efforts to destabilize the country in the name of movement.
“There’s a directive to blockaders to sink launches and ferries,” she said without mentioning who has given the directive.
The Prime Minister said this while speaking here after inspecting the fire-ravaged Standard Group factory.
Describing how she got the information of the opposition party, Hasina said: “It’s an era of modern technology. Now nobody’s talk remains secret, everything comes out... every secret comes out.”
The Prime Minister also came down heavily on the opposition’s stance of setting ablaze buses full of passengers. “Who do ride public buses? It’s the lower and middle-income group people…What’s their fault? Why’ are you (opposition leader) killing these innocent people by setting fire to buses?” she asked.
Talking about the railway sector, she said that the previous BNP-Jamaat alliance government destroyed the railway sector of the country.
“After assuming power, we’ve laid importance on this sector and created a separate ministry for it,” Hasina added.
The Prime Minister also criticised the blockaders for their subversive acts like uprooting railway fishplates putting the lives of thousands of innocent people in grave danger.

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