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Killing, arson, violence, anarchy For whom the nation has to pay huge?

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All conscious people, intellectuals, civil society, media, friends of Bangladesh abroad and donors have been expressing deep concern for last few months over deepening violence and anarchy in Bangladesh. They also strongly support dialogue between two major political parties- ruling Awami League and main opposition BNP- to resolve the differences between them ‘peacefully’.
We obviously believe that this is a political matter the Awami League and BNP should resolve together. People from all quarters are continuously calling for dialogue between the two parties to resolve the present political crisis that may bring a very dangerous time for the whole nation and may take huge cost.
People supported BNP’s return to the parliament and its participation in debate on issues whatever and results what may come. People at least expect some debate from the opposition members in the Parliament they elected for.
But the deep concern for the nation now is over the deepening cycle of killings, arson, violence, hartals.
Hartal is a very difficult problem for businesses and brings very bad impact to national economy.
Hartals have very harmful effects on the poor people who rely on daily wages; they also have a deepening effect on Bangladesh’s reputation and efforts to attract foreign investment.
The investors like to see stability, safe and easy working environment.
Both the parties should avoid hartal and resolve the political crisis through peaceful dialogue in the Parliament.
Because, the present political deadlock has started since after passing the 15th amendment of the constitution deleting Caretaker Government system for the general election. As the present government brought the amendment without taking people’s verdict, naturally they brought the crisis. They did it only through majority power in the Parliament. And the issue was not in the election manifesto of Awami League. So, the ruling party has to go step forward to resolve the political crisis, while the opposition has to take responsible steps to that effect without harming people, destroying properties and saving economy of the country.  The present deadlock followed by government’s action and opposition’s reaction has already costs huge lives, properties and overall development of the country.
Jamaat-Shibir fanatics had started clash with law enforcers, anarchy and bloody violence across the country since ICTs announced verdict against two of the war criminals in February 2013, which took huge lives & properties and many seriously injured.
A sudden rise of another Islamist group named Hefazat-e-Islam poured more fuel on it.   
Finally, people as well as the nation are watching a highest grade of undemocratic and unrealistic whimsical practice by the government and oppositions. Why should the nation has to pay huge costs on the whims of few so-called political ‘leaders’ and their parties? They have already probed themselves (except vary few) unpatriotic, dishonest, undemocratic and finally unfit to be the leaders of the nation.   

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