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Sending observers depends on political dev: CW

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Staff Reporter
Visiting head of the Democracy Section of Commonwealth Martin Kasirye on Wednesday said the Commonwealth will decide considering the evolving political developments in Bangladesh whether it will send election observers to monitor the January 5 general election.
“It’s too early to say. The mission is here to see what is going on the ground…the Commonwealth secretary general will take a decision in this regard weighing the evolving situation,” he told reporters replying to a query whether it will send polls observers.
Kasirye made the remark after a meeting with Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad at the latter’s Election Commission secretariat office in the city.
A three-member delegation, led by Kasirye, met the CEC following an invitation from the EC for sending Commonwealth observers to monitor the country’s 10th parliamentary elections.
Kasirye said, “We’re not in a position to say what the Commonwealth secretary general will decide. It’s evolving situation and the secretary general will take the decision in line with the evolving situation.”
He, however, declined to make any comment on the country’s deadlocked political situation.
Kasirya said it was an official meeting with the CEC in response to the invitation received by the secretary general of the Commonwealth about sending their observers.
The Commonwealth mission arrived here to discuss the preparations for the election and the conditions in the country, he added.
“They’ll meet the political parties, civil society and diplomats to see the arrangement for elections,” he said.

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