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BNP calls upon PM to accept its demand

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Staff Reporter
Opposition BNP on Sunday renewed its call to the Prime Minister to quit accepting its caretaker government demand and thus pave the path for holding the next election under a non-partisan administration.
“We again call upon the Prime Minister to step down. Accept our demand for holding the election under a non-party caretaker government and save the country and the nation,” said BNP joint secretary general Salauddin Ahmed.
In a statement, he also said people will consider with sympathy the Prime Minister’s safe departure if she accepts the opposition’s demand. “Or else, your (PM) house of cards of power will be demolished by a strong wave of people’s movement. People’s victory is a must.”
Salauddin, also the opposition spokesman, said BNP believes in transferring power through a free, fair, neutral and inclusive election. “We believe election is the only democratic and constitutional process for power transfer. The opposition leader has long been seeking a solution to the ongoing crisis through dialogue and compromise,” he added.
The BNP leader alleged that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is still stuck to her stance to hold a unilateral election without the participation of the opposition parties as she firmly believes that people will reject Awami League in the polls for its misdeeds, repressive acts, politicization and corruption.
“Awami League will suffer a debacle if there is a credible and neutral election,” he said.

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