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2.49 lakh workers go abroad, Bangladesh receives remittance $ 4,530 million till April

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33uuDHAKA - Bangladesh has sent 2,49,528 workers overseas with employments and received USD $ 4,530.46 million as remittance till April 13 this year that contributed significantly in the socio-economic advancement of the nation.

"The trend of overseas employment is gradually increasing due to the government's sincere efforts," Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Nurul Islam BSc told BSS here today.

He said the overall manpower export from Bangladesh is expected to witness a robust growth this year as the officials say as many as 10,08,525 workers have got overseas jobs, sending USD 13,526.84 million last year.

"We've been working to ensure the rights and protection of the female migrant workers following the directives of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina," the minister added.

"We have mission to ensure the welfare and rights of expatriate Bangladeshis and development of the socio-economic conditions of the country through overseas employment," Islam said.

He said the government has already set up many training centers in different districts along with launching other skill development programmes to make job seekers skill.

According to data in the ministry, the government has installed 70 training centres in different districts of the country to turn the manpower into skilled and semi-skilled forces.

It said the present government has sent Bangladeshi workers to 169 countries as a result of its successful labour diplomacy under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and efforts underway to explore new labour markets all over the globe.

The government provided various trainings including diploma in ship building engineering, refrigeration & air-conditioning, general mechanics, electrical machine maintenance, auto CAD 2D & 3D, welding (6G), catering, mason, Korean, Arabic, canton, Japanese language and others.

Earlier, the government declared the overseas employment sector as the "thrust sector" with maximum stress upon further expanding job markets for the Bangladeshi job seekers abroad.