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Who will be liable for killing, arson and loss of economy?

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With the rending heart, in recent times we are watching killing arson, burning vehicles, trains and establishments, bomb blasts, firing and all sorts of terrorizing acts across the country due to political bankruptcy of our major, mainly two, political parties for their own interest.    
Can anybody imagine that only for personal or group interest of few political touts (sorry to say), hundreds of people were killed, burned and injured in political violence of two political groups since January 2013. While, properties of hundreds crore Taka were burned, damaged and destroyed by these political miscreants. The country also lost another thousand crore earnings from various sectors due to hartals and blockades, which are totally undemocratic terrorist acts committed by the so-called opposition. It seems like the opposition has sponsored terrorizing against the general people, not political programs against the government. While the ruling party, ignoring everything, seemed very adamant to be in the power further at any cost, any way.    
The nation, since long, facing the most dangerous burden on the neck is the two fascist political parties of two hierarchies, who probed themselves that they can do anything for their own interest. They already divided the whole nation into two blocks and they successfully pushed dirty group politics in each and every profession, sector, institution, and branch and even in administration. Moreover, there is no scope of emerging anything good alternative due to political terrorizing of these two parties.
In the name of democracy, these two parties (Awami League and BNP) rule their dictatorship over the majority people year after year, term after term. These two parties have hardly (5-6) five to six lakh hardcore activists across the country of 16 crore people. What the percentage comes? So, the whole nation can not be the hostage under the hands of few political goons. It must not democracy. It is, of course, autocracy of two parties or two groups. Democracy does not permit any group or party which can rule or dominate over the majority.
However, the question is- why the nation has to pay huge for them?
Both the parties must be responsible for all those killing, burning, destruction and losses.
On the other hand, the constitution does not permit anyone, any group or party to make blockade to people’s movement, killing and burning people and destroy anything on their own whims. So, all these acts are unlawful and highly punishable offence. But no any government bans it by enacting law in the parliament with harsher punishment provision. All the ruling government talks against hartal, blockade, arson but does not take effective measure to stop it. The Hasina-led government could pass the controversial 15th amendment of the constitution in the parliament in few minutes, but never placed bill to ban hartal, blockade and political terrorizing.
We have to honestly believe and maintain that country’s interest must be the first priority to a Bangladeshi. Killing, destruction, brutality, bomb attack, use of arms and local weapons- all these barbaric acts must be stopped anyway to save the nation and for the development of the country.
We do not want to publish news and photos of all those victim families wailing beside the bodies.
Where we can urge to save us, save the nation from these political devils? As all hopes are lost, only God is the hope.   

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