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USA disappointed over political unrest in BD

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Staff Reporter
Voicing disappointment in absence of any political consensus for credible polls in Bangladesh, the USA has reiterated its call for intensifying dialogue efforts among political parties to find a way forward to holding fair elections fulfilling people’s expectations.
“We believe it’s more urgent than ever for the major (political) parties to redouble their efforts to engage in constructive dialogue to find a way forward to holding free and fair elections that are credible and reflecting the will of the Bangladeshi people,” said Marie Harf, Deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of State, in a regular briefing in Washington.
Responding to a question whether Bangladesh, in present circumstances, is headed towards free and fair and credible elections, she said the US State Department has already issued a statement a few days ago on this.
“We’re disappointed that the major political parties have not yet reached a consensus on a way to hold free, fair, and credible elections,” said the Deputy Spokesperson.
The United Sates is prepared to reengage its efforts and in particular their observation efforts at a later time if there is a more conducive environment, she mentioned adding that ‘but we are disappointed that so far they haven’t done so.’
Sought her reaction on the increasing violence in Bangladesh, Marie Harf said, “As we’ve said repeatedly, violence is not acceptable for a number of reasons, but in part because it subverts the democratic process. And we’ve called on it to stop immediately.”
She also said, “That’s certainly our position. We know there’s a lot of work still to be done there, but hopefully we can see some progress being made.”
Asked whether any phone calls have been made from the US State Department to the Bangladesh leaders, Marie Harf said, “I’m sure some phone calls have been made from this building. I’m happy to check and see what our outreach has looked like.”
Asked whether the US supports the move for a caretaker government which the opposition parties are demanding right now, she did not make any direct answer and said, “I haven’t-I, quite frankly, haven’t seen those reports. I’m happy to see if there’s a response from our team.”