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100 cyclone centers built in 2013-14

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Staff reporter

The government has constructed a total of 100 cyclone centers in the country’s coastal districts in fiscal 2013-14, aiming to save the lives and property of coastal people from the extreme climate events like cyclone and storm surge.

The cyclone shelters were constructed with allowing special facilities for the women and disabled people. Solar panels were installed at the centers, sources at the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief said.

The ministry is currently constructing 156 flood shelter centers in 154 districts. A mega siren phone was set up in the coastal region to make people aware about the disasters. The ministry brought 18 water ambulances to recover char people immediate after any cyclone hits it.

The ministry has implemented cent percent of allocation given under the Annual Development Program (ADP) in fiscal 2013-14. Some 12 projects were implemented involving over Tk 603 crore under the ADP.

A total of 4,268 metric tonnes of rice and 1.8 lakh metric tonnes of wheat were distributed and over Tk 428 crore was spent under the Food for Work program in last fiscal. A total of 2 lakh metric tonnes of rice and 2.12 lakh metric tonnes of wheat were distributed under the Test Relief program during the period.