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AL wants to re-establish one-party rule: BNP

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Staff Reporter

BNP spokesman Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Monday said the National Broadcast Policy is nothing but part of the government’s desperate bid to re-establish one-party rule like Bksal.

“The broadcast policy is not any isolated move. This is part of the government’s overall plan to re-establish one-party rule like Bksal. I was not surprised by the move as it is Awami League’s habit to turn autocracy after assuming office,” he said.

Fakhrul, the BNP acting secretary general, was addressing a discussion meeting arranged by Jatiyatabadi Muktijuddher Projonmo protesting the National Broadcast Policy, 2014.

Accusing the government of directly controlling TV talk-shows and indirectly some newspapers even before formulation of the policy, he said now the government will establish its full control over TVs with the policy.

Criticising the Information Minister, the BNP leader said the person who had formed Ganobhini to oust Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has now played the key role in making the broadcast policy to gag the media.

Awami League never believes in democracy, Fakhrul said adding that the party shows its true colour after coming to power using democracy.

He said BNP is on a movement not for returning to power but for establishing democracy and the voting right of people.

The BNP leader claimed that their movement before the January-5 election was successful as most people were in favor of BNP’s stance.

“No democratic movement in the country was unsuccessful in the past. Our movement will also turn successful this time. People across the country want this regime to quit. We’ must install a pro-people government as per people’s will,” he added.

Fakhrul said BNP together with people will break the current political deadlock in the country by ousting the current regime through a strong movement. “People will decide the strategy of the movement.”