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Database of RMG workers by Apr

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Staff reporter
Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed on Monday said the database of workers at the country’s thousands of garment factories would open on April 7.
The minister was talking to journalists after a meeting with the visiting European Parliament delegation led by Jean Lambert at his ministry.
The delegation wanted to know about progress of the action plan in the garment sector, said Tofail adding, “I was successful to convince them that we would be able to complete the three tasks by March.”
“The appointment of labor inspectors will be completed by March. We have talked to Public Service Commission in this regard. They will appoint 67 first class labor inspectors and 100 second class labor inspectors. Labor ministry have already appointed 43 labor officers.” Tofail said.
Tofail said that the delegation wanted to know about introduction of trade union at the Export Processing Zones. “ I told them that EPZ law is needed to be amended in this regard.”
“They have come to understand that the factory-shifting and compliance tp building code by the owners will take time to implement,” the minister added.
In reply of a delegation query that all garments owners are not paying minimum wage, Tofail said “I told them that most garments are paying its workers as per minimum wage rules. “ Those who are not paying will be forced to pay.”
About country’s political situation, Tofail told the delegation that holding the January 5 election was a constitutional obligation.
“We had no alternative to it. I told them that dialogue can take place any time,” he said.

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