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President for upholding correct history of LW

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Staff Reporter
President Abdul Hamid on Sunday underscored the need for upholding the authentic history of the country’s Liberation War among the new generation.
“The glorious history of our great Independence has been distorted in many ways. Vested quarters have used it in its own interest. It’s our moral duty to uphold the accurate history of the country’s Liberation War among the new generation,” he said.
The President said this while addressing a program marking the distribution of Bazlur Rahman Smirti Padak-2013 organized by Liberation War Museum at Osmani Memorial Auditorium in the city.
Apurba Sharma of the daily Jugovari, published from Sylhet, (Print media category) while Rajib Das of Channel I (Electronic media category) received the award for their series of reports on the War of Liberation.
The Padak has been introduced after the name of eminent journalist, editor of the daily Sangbad and organizer of the Liberation War late Bazlur Rahman.
The President said newspaper is the mirror of society and journalists are the mechanic of it. “The media is an important weapon to build society. But being free from illusion, trustworthy and unbiased journalism are needed for it. There must be the courage to call a lie as a lie and the truth as the truth,” he told his audience.
Observing that without democracy human rights as well as individualism are not flourished, Abdul Hamid said “Only a democratic system can ensure people’s full freedom as well as their freedom of expression and thinking. We’ve to expedite as well as more meaningful of our democratic march for the welfare of the country and state.”
The President went on saying, “The role of newspaper is very important in flourishing the country’s democracy. Newspapers project opinions as well as hopes and aspiration of people and identify government’s mistakes.”
He further said, “At present, newspaper and electronic media are enjoying full rights to express their opinion. In the present context, the newspapers and electronic media have a plenty of duties. All expect that the media will give priority to national interest in presenting news and making opinion being responsible to the country and its people.”
President Hamid hoped that the young journalist community will contribute to the welfare of the country as well as state being inspired by the ideology of Bazlur Rahman.
“Bazlur Rahman is one of those who had worked silently to build a non-communal, just-based and exploitation free democratic society,” he added.
Trustees of Liberation War Museum Dr Sarwar Ali and Aly Zaker, among others, spoke at the programme held with Dhaka University Vice Chancellor AAMS Arefin Siddique in the chair.

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