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Consumers will get time before mandatory energy saving

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Staff Reporter

Prime Minister's Energy Advisor Dr Tawfiq-E-Elahi Chowdhury on Wednesday said that the government will give a timeframe for the consumers to go for voluntary energy saving before introducing any mandatory measure to achieve an energy saving target.

"We want to introduce a timeframe for voluntary energy saving. Then we’ll go for mandatory measure,” he said at a seminar on ‘Scope of Energy Saving & Conservation in Industry’.

The newly created Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) organized the seminar at Bidyut Bhaban in the city.

State Minister for Power and Energy Nasrul Hamid and some senior officials of the Ministry also spoke at the seminar attended by the representatives of different business and trade bodies.

The PM's energy advisor has been insisting on introducing a law to enforce mandatory energy saving activities at the consumer level.

His comment on the subject came on Wednesday for the second time within a week as recently he had said the government considers enacting a law to make the use of energy-saving devices compulsory for consumers.

Reiterating the government's stance on energy conservation, Tawfiq Elahi said that the time has come to force household, commercial and industrial consumers through legal instrument to save energy.

SREDA senior official and Joint Secretary at the Power Division Siddique Zobair made a presentation at the seminar on the basis of a study where he showed that about 2640 MW of power could be saved from the existing loads of electricity if efficient devices are used in the home and industrial appliances.

Appreciating this presentation, the PM's advisor also said that now there is no load shedding across the country. But some areas experience power outage due to local fault in the distribution system.

He said: “Now we're enjoying good time for the bold leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Better time is ahead.”

Referring to the government's move for setting up a 1200 MW coal-fired power plant at Matarbari in Moheshkhali island, Tawfiq Elahi said this would be the most modern and efficient power plant in the region.

Japan has come forward as a single country to help Bangladesh to set up the largest power plant, he added.

State Minister Nasrul Hamid blasted the previous BNP government for its wrong decision and also indecision in the energy sector's development for which the people had to suffer a lot.

He said the nation is moving ahead towards becoming a middle-income country.

Leader of Steel Mills Association Siddiqur Rahman said many of their mills are not getting adequate gas supply for which they have to suffer a lot.