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BNP slams govt for broadcast policy

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Staff Reporter

BNP senior leader Rafiqul Islam Miah on Sunday alleged that the government has formulated the National Broadcast Policy, 2014 in a bid to perpetuate its power by annihilating democracy.

“Awami League has grabbed power without people’s mandate. They’ve now formulated the broadcast policy to prolong their illegitimate power by hushing up their misdeeds, corruption and destroying democracy,” he said.

Rafiqul, also a BNP standing committee member, came up with the allegation while addressing a discussion at the National Press Club organized by Bangladesh Jatiya Manabadhikar Parishad.

He claimed the broadcast policy is also contrary to the Article 39 of national charter and people’s right of expression.

The BNP leader alleged that the current government is resorting to various tricks to establish ‘Awami autocracy’.

He called upon people from all strata to get united to put up a strong resistance against the government’s plots.

Rafiqul Islam also alleged that the government has taken a move to restore parliament’s power to remove High Court judges in an ill-effort to establish its full control over the judiciary and regulate the judges.