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Duck rearing makes revolution in Satkhira

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A Correspondent
Satkhira: With a large number of people being engaged in rearing ducks, a silent revolution has been made in poultry industry in Satkhira.
Many people are now opting for duck rearing as it brings more profit against low capital.
Contacted, district livestock officer Dr Shishir Kumar Biswas said rearing of cambell ducks on commercial basis has begun in Ashashuni, Kaliganj and Shyamnagar upazilas of the district.
Sheikh Sirajul Islam, owner of Bismillah Duck Farm at Lalsa Purbapara in Sadar upazila, said that he set up a farm at his house to rear cattle after retiring from police job.
However, he had to incur heavy losses as the cattle died in large number being infected with various diseases at the farm.
Later, he started duck rearing collecting ducklings from Pabna, Natore and Bogra.
His farm now has 3,000 ducklings, along with the big size ducks.
The poultry farmer said he supplies ducklings by his own transport to different villages in the district.
By rearing cambell ducks, he has already drawn attention of many people who have also become interested in doing the same.
Nikhil, manager of the duck farm, said they require almost no medicine as cambell ducks seldom contract any diseases.
Besides, they do not have to buy additional feeds for the bird as it feeds on particularly fish, oysters, snails, insects and aquatic herbs in haor-baor (water body) and rivers.
He said it needs a very little space for rearing ducks and added that 2-3 square feet space is enough to accommodate each duck.
Asked about expenditure for duck rearing, he said they have to spend Tk 20-25 behind each piece of duckling and get 280-300 eggs from each adult duck per year.
Terming duck rearing a very profitable venture, Nikhil said they can earn net profit of Tk 40,000-50,000 every month from duck rearing.
Sheikh Asadul Islam, son of proprietor of Bismillah Duck Farm Sheikh Sirajul Islam, said duck rearing has brought solvency in their family which had to face economic hardship once.
Asad said alongside bearing education expenditure of his sister, a student of Satkhira City College, they can now run their family very well.
However, the poultry farmer added at the beginning, he did not get loan from Krishi Bank for setting up a farm.
Later, he established the farm taking Tk one lakh loan from BRAC Bank.
He said he needs government assistance in expanding his farm where four people are now employed.
Dr Shishir Kumar Biswas said as duck rearing is profitable, unemployed youths can be self-reliant through getting involved in it.