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All of Zia family are killers: Hasina

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Dhaka: Former President Ziaur Rahman's family members are killers, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has complained.She has said, "Ziaur Rahman was involved in the 15 August 1975 killings and similarly the then Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, her son Tarique Rahman and cabinet members were involved in 21 August killings. That is the family of killers.""Those who kill others for the sake of their small gain, are not human beings, they are beasts," said the prime minister on Thursday while addressing a meeting commemorating the events of 21 August 2004.Awami League organised the meeting at the Bangabandhu Avenue in Dhaka.She said, "[We're] scheduled to hold rally at Muktangan. But at 11:00pm [the authorities] gave us permission to hold rally in front of the party office. This clearly indicates that BNP government and its ministers masterminded the conspiracy." Sheikh Hasina said, "Tareque Rahman has went to visit his in-laws few days before the 21 August... why has he left his cantonment house? He stayed there to carry out the assault. [We've to] save this country from this killer family. Killers won't have shelter in this land. They come out to disown the sacrifice of 30 lakh martyrs. This is a family of killers. This killer family is a family of frauds."