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Killing people can’t be politics: PM

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Staff reporter
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said those who kill people in the name of movement do not believe in healthy politics, democracy, constitution and the country’s independence.
“Those who kill people in the name of politics do not believe in the acceptable definition of politics. They don’t believe in democracy, constitution and the country’s independence,” she said.
The Prime Minister was addressing a launching ceremony of a photo-album ‘Roktakto Bangladesh’ (Bloods-tained Bangladesh) at Osmani Memorial Auditorium displaying the photos of barbaric activities of BNP-Jamaat last year which left many innocent people dead.
Sheikh Hasina, also the President of the ruling Awami League, said the country’s democratic march forward will continue as her party always tried to run the country as per the constitution.
“But attempts had been made several times to snatch people’s democratic rights and grab power through an undemocratic way claiming the lives of many people. They had played with the lives of people,” she said add-ing that people do not want to see the repetition of such incidents in the country.
“They (anarchists) don’t have any affection for people. What will they give the country and its people, this is my question,” she added.
“The present government is working to improve the lot of the mass people. When the government is working for people why are obstacles being put on the path of development? Why are such attacks made, and whom will be happy with these?” she questioned.
Sheikh Hasina said Jamaat-Shibir’s main agenda is to kill people and they did so back in 1971.
Talking about BNP, the Prime Minister said BNP was born through the illegal capture of power. “They came to power putting their feet on blood and that’s why they always like to play with blood. Let me tell them, if you want to do politics then do it, but don’t play with the lives of people.”
Sheikh Hasina also said killing people is not a movement at all. “Please don’t push any family into a dark abyss by killing its members.”
The Prime Minister said the people of Bangladesh want peace. “We want peace in Bangladesh… we want people to live in the country in peace.”
Hasina said that she does not have any greed for power as she has been working for the welfare of the people. “And my aim is to do that,” she said adding, “We don’t want to see the attack of Hyenas one after another soaking the soil of the country with blood.”
Te AL chief urged people to be aware so that such incidents cannot recur in the country.
Briefly describing the horrific attacks of BNP-Jamaat activists in 2013, Hasina said, “My question is how much will the independent Bangladesh bleed. How many wives will turn widows, how many fathers will lose their children, how many children will lose their parents -- why? Why the massacre was carried out? Was that just to stop an election?”
“Each party has its own decision over participating in an election. But to resist an election and launch attacks on people is not acceptable. Killing people in the name of movement, burning people in the name of move-ment, attack on the public servants, what’s this?”
She said that 17 police personnel, two BGB personnel and two of army intelligence, and hundreds of innocent people were killed during the BNP-Jamaat atrocities in 2013.
Hasina said that their (BNP-Jamaat) movement failed to attract the mass people and that is why they tried to make the movement a success by taking lives. “They tried to play with dead bodies.”
In this connection, she recalled the evil deeds of the Pakistani occupation forces and their local collaborators in 1971. The PM also recalled the killing of Bangabandhu and his family members in 1975 and the killing four national leaders in jail.
Awami League general secretary and LGRD and Cooperatives Minister Ashraful Islam and PM’s Adviser HT Imam also spoke at the program.
Ramzan, father of Monir, who was burned alive by BNP-Jamaat supporters, police personnel Pearul Islam, who was injured in an attack by BNP-Jamaat activists when they attacked a police station, Helal Uddin Pearu, who was injured at Bhujpur of Fatikchhari in Chittagong in an attack by BNP-Jamaat activists, Layla Khatun and wife of a police constable Hazrat Ali, who was killed while protecting a police post in Gaibandha, de-scribed their horrific experience at the program.
Besides, advocate Khodeja Nansin, who was injured at Shahbag when BNP-Jamaat activists set fire to a bus, assistant professor Saidul Islam, who was performing his duty as a presiding officer in Gaibandha on January 5 election, and Rezaul Karim, who witnessed the heinous act of BNP-Jamaat-Hefazat activists when they torched the copies the Holy Quran also shared their terrible experience.
Layla Khatun got fainted and fell on the dais while describing her woes of the killing of her husband police constable Hazrat Ali. She was given first aid immediately.
A small number of people, affected by the activities of BNP-Jammat activists in the last one year, were present at the program.
Prime Minister talked to them and enquired about their present conditions. Most of the victims and family members of the victims could not hold back their tears when Sheikh Hasina went to them.
Earlier, a 16-minute documentary on BNP-Jamaat’s last year’s atrocities was screened at the program.