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Lotkon changes farmers’ fate in Panchagarh

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A Correspondent
Panchagarh: Cultivation of lotkon (Baccaurea ramiflora or Burmese grape) has changed fate of a good number of farmers in Pachagarch.
The growers have got a good harvest of the oval yellowish fruit in the district this season. The farmers are being financially benefited from the fair price of lotkon.
This has encouraged farmers to go for garden-based farming of the fruit. Lotkon of Panchagarh has high demand because of its taste and size.
Fruit traders are buying a huge quantity of the fruit everyday and sending those to different parts of the country, including the capital.
Sources at the Department of Agriculture Extension, Panchagarh, said lotkon was cultivated on about 14 hectares of land in the district this year.
The fruit was raised in more than 100 gardens in the district. Five to eight tonnes of lotkon are being produced from each hectare of land. One tree produces five maunds to 10 maunds of lotkon.
The soil of the district, which contains immense calcium and minerals, is suitable for farming of the fruit. As a result, sweet and equally sour lotkons are being produced here. Per kg lotkon is being sold at Tk70 to Tk 80.
The lotkon trees in the district are now bearing the fruit in plenty. Each garden is being sold at up to several lakhs of taka. As a result, the farmers are being financially benefited. They have been able to change their fortune with farming of the fruit.