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BNP warns Hasina of bad consequences

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Staff Reporter
Accusing the government of snatching people’s basic rights and annihilating democracy, BNP on Monday warned that this might invite bad consequences for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
“The government has infringed on people’s all rights and destroyed democracy. It won’t bring anything good for the Prime Minister and no government is permanent one,” said BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.
He came up with the remarks at a discussion at the National Press Club organized by National People’s Party (NPP).
Fakhrul said no repressive government, including Feraun, Namrud, could hang onto power forever in the past and each government has go in one way or the other. “Your (PM’s) name will be there on the list of the world’s hated autocratic rulers.”
He deplored that Awami League, which had played a vital role in various rights movements, including the Liberation War, destroyed democracy twice.
“Once Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had obliterated democracy through establishing Bakshal in 1975 and again her daughter Sheikh Hasina, whom her party men called ‘Daughter of Democracy’, destroyed democracy trough the January-5 election,” he said.
The BNP spokesman alleged that the current illegal government is formulating various policies and laws only to cling to power.
Opposing the government move to restore parliament’s power to impeach Supreme Court judges, he said if parliament gets such power it will only implement the order of Awami League and its government.
The BNP leader voiced frustration that people are not putting up any strong resistance against the autocratic and illegal government like in 1971 and 1990 as still they could not realise the consequences of its misrule.
He, however, hoped that good sense will prevail upon the Prime Minister to restore democracy in the country. “Take steps for holding a free, fair and inclusive national election under a non-party administration through engaging in talks immediately.”