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Commission to be formed as per policy: PM

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hasina3Staff Reporter
Defending the National Broadcast Policy 2104 again, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said the Broadcast Commission will be formed in light with the policy so that the country's flourishing broadcast media could be run properly.
"I know there’s some sort of commotion over the policy and many are opposing it. Every country of the world has had its own Broadcast Policy and it is implemented accordingly....even there was a longstanding demand from our journalist community for a policy," she said adding that the Broadcast Commission will be formed in light with the National Broadcast Policy.
Hasina was addressing a function marking the inauguration of the Bangladesh Film and Television Institute (BFTI) and its first course at the National Institute of Mass Communication (NIMC) in the city.
Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu and Information Secretary Mortuza Ahmed spoke on the occasion. BFTI Chief Executive Dr Mohammad Jahangir Hossain delivered the address of welcome. Country's eminent film and TV media artistes were also present.
Since the announcement of the National Broadcast Policy, she alleged, a section has been vehemently opposing it even though the draft policy was on the website for over three weeks and opinions were taken from the stakeholders concerned.
"No institution could ever run properly without a policy as all have the due responsibility to society. You'll enjoy the rights, so you'll have to protect the rights of others, too ….this is the reality."
Terming film and television as strong media for any society, the Prime Minister said these two media make significant contributions towards the country's culture, heritage, history and tradition across the globe from one age to another.
Apart from providing information, Hasina said, television and film entertain the mass people and help reform society and come out from ignorance in addition to depicting the tales of happiness and sorrow, struggle and justice and unjust. "Film and television are strong media and their development is indispensable," she added.
The Prime Minister said effective steps will have to be taken to reopen and run properly the movie houses at the district level through digital system and to make that happen, the movie houses need to be modernised.
In this connection, Hasina said that tax exemption is already in place for setting up new Cineplex while there will be more tax exemption for setting up Cineplex outside the capital.
Recalling the contributions of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman towards the development of the country's mass media and film industry, Hasina said her government has announced April 3 as the 'National Film Day' in recognition to the invaluable contributions of Bangabandhu towards film development.
Mentioning her government's step towards allowing private satellite channels to run their operations, the Prime Minister said some 27 private satellite channels are now currently running operations and the number would go up to 41 creating employment opportunities for many including artistes. "We've done this so that competition is created because without competition no culture could flourish," she added.
Hasina said initiative has been taken to restore the healthy environment in the film industry through taking tough actions against making indecent or obscene films, their screening and video piracy so that all could watch movies along with their families.
She mentioned the formulation of the FM Radio Station and Operating Act-2014, Television Network Operating and Licensing Regulations-2010, formation of the Welfare Trust Fund for the artistes, formulation of the Journalist Assistance Allowance/Donation Policy-2012 under which journalists receive assistance every year.
The Premier said that Bangladesh Journalist Welfare Trust Act-2014 has been passed in parliament to establish a permanent system for the welfare of journalists.
Saying that she often witness Bangla cinema during her air travelling, Hasina said the quality of Bangla cinema is very good and if those get proper environment could compete with the other countries of the world and produce high quality films and TV programs.
"I'll urge all to come forward for flourishing of this film industry," Hasina said making a call for producing films in future complying standards as well as could sustain in global competition. For this, there is a need for proper training and ensuring other necessary things.
The Prime Minister also hoped that the BFTI would encourage making good quality films and further strengthen the country's television and film media at the global stage.
Earlier on November 1, 2013, the BFTI was established following the enactment of the law titled 'Bangladesh Film and Television Institute Act 2013'.