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BD-US partnership helps securing maritime border: Mozena

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A Correspondent
Chittagong: US Ambassador in Dhaka Dan W Mozena on Tuesday said the partnership between Bangladesh and America helped Bangladesh build ever greater capacity to secure its maritime border against terrorism and all forms of illegal activities.
He said the partnership also helped Bangladesh secure its maritime border against those who seek to use the seas to advance terrorism and violent extremism, traffic drugs, people, and arms and against those who seek to steal Bangladesh’s fish and other maritime assets.
The US diplomat was speaking at the closing ceremony of Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) at Chittagong Port.
Mozena said the maritime partnership between America and Bangladesh has helped the Bangladesh Navy and the Bangladesh Coast Guard make great progress in making the Bay of Bengal more secure by slashing robberies on the Bay by 70 percent, which has brought shipping insurance rates down by 40 percent.
“Chittagong is no longer listed as a high-risk seaport,” said the Ambassador adding that Bangladesh is using its expanded capacity to great effect.
Mozena said Bangladesh’s success in securing its maritime borders and its vast maritime domain is good for all nations that support freedom of the seas.
“Safe and secure sea lanes are vital for the economic wellbeing of the people of Bangladesh, the people of America, and the people of South Asia,” he added.
Mozena mentioned that the world is witnessing the emergence of forces in the Middle East that seek to impose on all people their wretched beliefs of hatred, intolerance, violence and death.
“These forces endeavour to destroy everything that Bangladesh, America and all freedom- and peace-loving countries hold dear,” said the diplomat.
Mozena said Bangladesh and America are moderate, tolerant, pluralistic countries that believe in the worth and value of the individual.
The fourth CARAT exercise, which ended is about America and Bangladesh working together, training together, exercising together so each becomes more effective in defending the maritime domain against those who seek to do us harm and in securing the world’s great sea lanes of trade and commerce.
The US Diplomat said Bangladesh and America are both maritime powers and exercises like CARAT help respective navies get to know each other better, understand each other better, and learn from each other.
Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Operations) Rear Admiral AMMM Aurangzeb Chowdhury, Chairman of Chittagong Port Authority Rear Admiral Nizamuddin Ahmed, other Bangladesh Navy Area Commanders including Commander, Destroyer Squadron SEVEN Captain Fred Kacher were also present.