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Substandard life-saving drugs flood Netrakona

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A Correspondent
Netrakona: Low quality life-saving drugs are on rampant sale in the markets of all the 10 upazilas of the district, putting public health in serious hazards.
Some second-rate medicine companies are manufacturing and marketing these low quality drugs.
Many of these companies run their business even without obtaining certificates from the authorities concerned and market their products through attractive publicity.
Mosses, fungus and other types of dirt are often found in the containers of drugs, including saline and injections, of the companies, it is alleged.
Intake of such contaminated drugs further endangers lives of the patients, said a local physician.
A section of greedy and dishonest physicians and village quacks reportedly encourage distribution of the substandard medicines in the markets of the rural areas.
The agents of these less known medicine companies lure the physicians and village quacks into prescribing their drugs by offering them either gifts or commission.
The village quacks are rampantly prescribing these substandard medicines and the patients mostly tend to buy them as well for their relatively cheaper prices.
The poor and illiterate villagers use these unwholesome medicines without getting any result.
Some pharmacists of the urban and rural areas running their business without licenses trade on such medicines.
None is there carried out any monitoring to check the irregularities by the authorities in the rural markets.
Knowledgeable sourced said no drugs are to be marketed without approval of the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute.
The bottles or ampoules of the medicines should carry monograms of the testing authorities.
Exemplary punishment should be meted out to the manufacturers of such substandard medicines, sources added.
The withdrawal of substandard medicines through newspapers advertisement should not be accepted.
An adequate number of drug inspectors should be appointed to check the illegal drug business in the rural areas of the district without any further delay.