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BNP blames govt agents for Sun violence

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Staff reporter
BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Tuesday alleged that government agents un-leashed violence in front of their party central office here on Sunday as the police played the spectators’ role.
“Some government agents carried out the violence in front of our central office while the police played the spectators’ role as hey (govt) have made the law enforcers their personal force,” he said.
The BNP spokesperson was addressing a commemorating meeting arranged by a faction of National Democrat-ic Party (NDP), a component of the BNP-led 20-party alliance, in honour of late Language Movement veteran Abdul Matin, popularly known as Bhasha Matin.
The Language movement hero died on October 8 last at the age of 88.
Taking a swipe at the police, Fakhrul alleged that the law enforcers created a ‘free zone’ in front BNP’s Naypaltan central office for the attackers instead playing their due role, leaving 30 people injured.
“The police who regularly perform their duty in front of the BNP central were also silent giving the troublemakers a freehand to carry out their violent activities,” the BNP leaders further alleged.
Hitting out at the government, Fakhrul said this usurper and illegal regime are trying to hang onto power by repressing the opposition leaders and activists.
Terming the January-5 polls the election of mockery, the BNP leader said it was, in fact, a ‘voter-less’ election as people did not participate in it.
Fakhrul also branded the ruling Awami League as a party of empty rhetoric and said those whose base is week and vulnerable to any shock always resort to rhetoric in a futile bid to stay afloat.
The BNP leader reiterated that Awami League remained hung onto power illegally and undemocratically by abusing the state mechanisms.
He also blasted the government for what he said trying to suppress their ongoing movement against by filing ‘false’ cases against their leaders and activists one after another. “Even these days we aren’t allowed to hold meetings in our own houses.”
The BNP leader warned that their movement against this “coercive regime” until its fall.
He urged the party leaders and activists to stay on the streets braving the government’s all coercive acts.
NDP president Khandaker Golam Mortaza presided over the meeting.