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No country recognised govt: Khaleda

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khaleda-nilfamariNilphamari: Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson Khaleda Zia on Thursday warned that they will launch a strong movement for restoring democracy and the rule of law in the country through ousting the Awami League government.“This time, we’ll return home after ousting the AL government and restoring democracy and the rule of law in the country. Our victory is certain as people are with us,” she said.The BNP chief was addressing a mammoth rally at Nilphamari Boro ground to drum up public support in favour of their demand for a fresh election under a non-partisan interim government.“After carrying out a mass contact, I’ll tell you when and how the movement will be launched. There’ll be no one-party rule in the country as multiparty democracy will be restored,” she told the rally.Khaleda Zia claimed that no country around the globe has recognised the current 'illegal regime' formed through the January-5 election that the BNP-led 20-party alliance and some other political parties boycotted.“Don’t think you (AL) have got recognition by only staging photo sessions. No country will recognise you as there’s no democracy in the country,” she said.The former Prime Minister further said, “Foreigners knew that this government was not formed with people's votes. So, they won’t recognise it.”Terming the government a champion in spreading falsehoods, Khaleda alleged the current government is holding office based on lies as it got isolated from the people of the country. “But no one can stay in office for long just based on falsehoods.”She regretted that though people had waged a strong movement across the country before January-5 election, her party could not do it in the capital.Earlier in her brief address to people gathered in front of Bogra Circuit House on her way to Nilphamari Khaleda called upon people to take all-out preparations for waging a decisive movement to dislodge the current repressive and illegal regime."You (people of Bogra) all know the sordid state of the country. We’re on a movement…we’ll intensify it after strengthening our party further and increasing people’s involvement in our agitation programme,’’ she said.Pointing at the people of Bogra, the BNP chief further said, ‘’Take all-out preparations so that you can respond to my call for joining a decisive movement any time.’’Earlier, Khaleda Zia reached Bogra on Wednesday night and stayed overnight at the Circuit House.With the Nilphamari tour, Khaleda is going to launch a fresh countrywide mass campaign programme planned by her party-led 20-party to create a solid ground for a decisive movement to force the current administration to quit and arrange a fresh inclusive election.The mass campaign is also meant for mounting pressure on the government to stop extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances and repressive acts, and restore the democratic rights of people.