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People now hostage under ‘illegal power’ of present govt: BNP

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Staff Reporter
BNP on Wednesday alleged that the present ‘illegal’ government has made country’s people hostage with the “audacity of its illegal power”.
“People’s rights have been snatched on the pretext of protecting independence and constitution by a vested quarter. They’ve constituted parliament and grabbed power without vote in the name of saving democracy, and now they held the country’s people hostage with the audacity of their illegal power,” BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said.
He came up with the harsh remarks while addressing a discussion at the National Press Club arranged by Bhashani Smrity Sangsad in memory of late langue veteran Abdul Matin.
The BNP leader said though Awami League talks about democracy, it does not believe in it and always tries to perpetuate power by annihilating democracy. “Awami League had snatched people’s democratic rights in the past. They’re also moving ahead with the same agenda now.”
He alleged that people’s all hopes and aspirations have been shattered through the 15th amendment to the constitution. “The ruling party is trying to re-establish one-party Baksal-rule by destroying all the institutions of the country as they did in 1975.
Mentioning that the people of Bangladesh are always revolutionary, Fakhrul said they will not allow Awami League to execute its evil designs. “People will surely foil all the conspiracies of the ruling party.”
He urged the people of all walks of life to take to the streets with a strong vigor to restore people’s all democratic and basic rights by ousting the current despotic regime.
The BNP leader said the country is passing through a critical time due to philosophical crisis. “A revolutionary person like Abdul Matin was badly needed at this crucial juncture of the country.”
Criticizing the government for not giving Abdul Matin state honor, Fakhrul said Awami League does not know anybody except one single person (Bangabandhu). “So, it’s pointless to except that it will honor Abdul Matin. People have showed him due honor though the sate has failed to do so.”