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Sheikh Mujib should be tried for sedition: Tarique

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London: BNP Senior Vice Chairman Tarique Rahman says that he has been charged with sedition for stating the actual facts of history, but this case should actually be filed against Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Sheikh Mujib had come to Bangladesh on a Pakistani passport and became president.Tarique Rahman was speaking on the occasion of National Revolution and Solidarity Day at a programme organised by UK BNP at the Atrium Hall in London yesterday.Tarique Rahman claimed that his father Ziaur Rahman had not only been the declarer of independence and the first president, he was also the first elected president of independent Bangladesh.In his hour and a half long speech, Tarique Rahman raised several questions about Sheikh Mujib’s role during the liberation war and after.He said that his father hadn’t forcefully taken over power not had he been involved in the killing of the four national leaders. He presented several arguments in favour of his statements.In response to the accusation made by Local Government Minister and Awami League Acting General Secretary Syed Ashraful Islam that Ziaur Raman was involved in the killing of the four national leaders, Tarique Rahman said Awami League is the one that observes Jail Killing Day on 3 November. The day before on 2 November Khaled Musharraf had kept the army chief Ziaur Rahman under house arrest at his residence in the cantonment.Tarique went on to say that Ziaur Rahman didn’t impose the the indemnity ordinance. It was enforced by Khandkar Mushtaque Ahmed on 26 September 1975.BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s son Tarique Rahman continued, “This government claims to be generating 10,000mw of electricity. On 1 November when the entire nation faced power failure, they said that 5000mw was being generated and 500mw was being imported.” He said that the government was continually making false statements about power production.Terming Information Minister Hasanul Huq Inu as “Jongi Inu” [terrorist Inu], Tarique said, “This Inu force had prepared the grounds to assassinate Sheikh Mujib in 1975 and later tried to use Ziaur Rahman to meet his own ends. As they failed to do so, they were now distorting history and tarnishing Ziaur Rahman’s image.”Tarique Rahman said that 1975 was an important chapter in Bangladesh’s history. The time from August to November had been particularly critical and filled with danger. There was the 15 August 1975 killing, coups and counter coups within the armed forces, killing of Khaled Musharraf and other army officers, the conspiracy of the Taher-Inu clique and the successful uprising of the soldiers and the people, culminating in 7 November Revolution and Solidarity Day.