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Adequate, hygienic public toilets in capital demanded

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Staff Reporter Green activists at a discussion on Monday demanded of the government to set up adequate number of public toilets in the capital’s busy points with a view to easing the sufferings of pedestrians and floating population. They said that although the city’s population is increasing gradually, it has no adequate public toilets that cause sufferings to the commuters. Poribesh Bachao Andolon (Poba) and WBB Trust jointly organized the discussion on the state of the city’s public toilets. Poba chairman Abu Naser Khan, its executive general secretary Engr Abdus Sobhan, Syed Mahbubul Alam of WBB Trust, Poba joint secretary M Aslam Alam and Modern Club president Abul Hasnat, among others, spoke at the discussion held at the Poba office in the capital. The speakers said the government should facilitate the floating people with the public toilets so that they can take bath and wash at free of cost. Referring to the poor state of whatever little public toilets are there in the city, they said general people feel uneasy to use the toilets for unhygienic condition. Even some public toilets have been turned as hubs of various antisocial activities, the green activists said, and suggested the government for immediate steps make these toilets usable for the public. Increasing number of public toilets are greatly needed in the capital to ease the plight of the commuters who come from outside, they said.