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Nisha enquires about next national polls

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roushan-dishaDhaka: US assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian affairs, Nisha Desai Biswal, on Friday met Rowshan Ershad, opposition leader in the parliament, at her Gulshan residence where Nisha asked her about country's next general election.The assistant secretary asked opposition leader when the next general elections would be held.Replying to the question, Rowshan said the next elections would be held in due time.In their 30-minute discussion, Nisha Desai and Rowshan discussed various issues.After the discussion, opposition chief whip, ABM Tajul Islam, told reporters Nisha Desai did not react to Rowshan's reply.They discussed various issues, including Jatiya Party's participation in the [5th January] elections, Bangladesh's garment sector, and workers at the meeting, the chief whip added.US ambassador in Dhaka, Dan W Mozena, and other US embassy officials were present at the meeting.Earlier on Thursday, Nisha Desai arrived in Dhaka for her 3-day visit.