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BNP warns govt of tough movement

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Staff reporter Alleging that the government is planning to recruit 50,000 more cops aiming to protect its ‘illegal’ power, BNP on Monday warned that it would not be able to survive facing the people’s strong movement even after recruiting fifty lakh police personnel. “No fascist government in the world could last for ever, nor will be able this regime as it has got totally isolated from people …they’re no trying to cling to power depending on the police,” said BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir. Addressing a discussion, the BNP leader further said, “The government has planned to recruit 50,000 more police personnel. It can’t hang onto office even after appointing 50 lakh cops, let alone 50,000, as the country’s 16 crore people have vowed on the occasion of the Victory Day that they would not stop their agitation until the ouster of this regime.” BNP organized the discussion at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh, marking the 43rd Victory Day. On February 8, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at a Program in Rajshahi announced that 50,000 more police personnel to be recruited to further improve the country’s law and order situation. Fakhrul said the country is now under the grasp of an ‘undeclared one-party rule’ that created a suffocating situation in the country. He alleged that government has made a list to arrest 3,000 opposition men and make them disappeared to suppress their upcoming anti-government agitation. "The list is getting bigger day by day." The BNP leader, however, said there would be no use of making such a list as people are now united to pull down this regime braving all sorts of repressive acts. Fakhrul alleged that the Prime Minister at a discussion on Sunday made indecent and indecorous comments about BNP chief Khaleda Zia. He condemned her remarks. In a counter attack, the BNP leader said the current regime is eating up the nation and its all resources like a hyena. “This government has grasped all then banks, Padam Bridge and lastly the Sundarbans. It has turned into the worst ever corrupt regime." He called upon people from all walks of life to spontaneously join a strong movement responding to the call of their party chief to save the country its people and restore democracy and people’s all right, including voting right. Addressing the program, Liberal Democratic Party chief Col (retd) Oli Ahmed said Bnagbandhu Sheikh Mujubur Rahman had prepared the nation for liberating the country, but he failed to lead the nation during the curial time. He said Mujib had surrendered to the Pakistani occupation forces and it was Ziaur Rahman who had proclaimed the country’s independence and led the members of the army who fought in the battle field. Senior BNP leaders and its alliance partners addressed the program presided over by Fakhrul.