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Raushon expresses concern over political violence

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Staff Reporter Voicing deep concern over the current confrontational political situation in the country, Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Raushon Ershad on Monday said there is no alternative to political stability for economic development. In a statement, she urged the political parties to avoid violent action programs as people now do not like it. “Killing people by torching buses and increasing public sufferings by hurling bombs, removing fishplates of rail lines in the name of political programs are completely unethical and unexpected,” the opposition leader observed. Raushon also noted with concern that hartal and blockade the main means for realizing political demands have now become another name of fear and public sufferings. “Violent incidents are being carried out one after another in the name of hartal and blockade.” She said the political parties should take such programs that will not harm the economy and education of the children, the future of the nation. Mentioning that the country and its economy are being pushed backward by the current hartal and blockade programs, she said the economy will be badly devastated if the current situation continues. “The country’s image and the lives common people are hit hard by hartal and blockade. People now want political parties to take non-violent and out-of-street programs. Political parties should announce program realizing the pulse of people,” the opposition leader added.