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20-party warns govt against ‘plot to kill’ oppn men

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Staff Reporter
Urging the government to reach an understanding shunning the path of ‘violence and repression’, the BNP-led 20-party opposition alliance on Wednesday warned against the ‘plot to kill’ opposition men by giving law enforcers and ruling party ‘cadres’ a free hand.
In a statement, the opposition alliance also accused the government of carrying out subversive acts to malign their peaceful movement, and killing the opposition leaders and activists in the name of ‘so- called gunfight’ after picking them up from different places by law enforcers.
It also urged all the members of the law enforcement agencies to discharge their duties neutrally and lawfully.
The statement, signed by BNP vice chairman Selima Rahman, said, “The ruling party which pursues terror politics is now viciously killing innocent people, including women and children, by carrying out subversive acts like throwing bombs and arson attacks to confuse people about the opposition’s peaceful movement and take revenge for boycotting their farcical election.”
It observed that the current administration has intensified repressive acts and killings to shift the blame onto the opposition. “We strongly believe it won’t be possible to mislead people with these heinous activities, fake screams, and artificial acting of frauds and terrorists.”
The 20-party warned that the consequences will not be good for the government’s ‘evil efforts’ to resolve the ongoing political crisis with coercive masseurs and threat to top opposition leaders avoiding the call from home and abroad to overcome it politically.
Reminding the government that there will be a scope in the future to bring to justice those ordered for indulging in terrorist activities in the name of movement in the past, the alliance urged all to exercise restraint and be careful. “We call upon them (govt) to make the situation normal quickly for reaching an understanding eschewing the path of violence and repressive acts.”
About the recent attack on innocent people during the blockade program, the 20-party said they believe there should be a remedy to and trial of terror acts and attacks on common people.
The alliance demanded the real culprits behind terrorism and attacks on innocent people must be brought to justice through fair investigations.
It alleged that as the current autocratic regime has turned crazy driven by its thrust for blood, it is now on the spree of killing opposition men in the name of gunfight.
The alliance claimed 11 opposition leaders and activities have so far been killed since January 5 in the hands of law enforcers and ruling party cadres. “We strongly condemn and protest these barbaric killings. We express our highest gratitude to these martyrs of democratic movement.”
The 20-party leaders said the law enforcers were not given any right to carry out such extrajudicial killings and unruly activities. “The barbaric extrajudicial killings must be stopped.”
Stating that the government must be responsible for every extrajudicial killing, the alliance warned that legal actions will be taken against all those involved in the incidents.
It alleged that the ruling party high-ups are instigating its party ‘cadres’ to take the law in their own hands through advocating for ‘shoot at sight’ and extrajudicial killings.
“They (law enforcers) are not our opponents, and we aren’t their rivals either. We hope, they’ll stand in favour of people’s hopes and aspirations and feeling, and refrain from carrying out any illegal and unjust order,” the statement reads.
The 20-party also drew the attention of the international community and human rights bodies to the extrajudicial killings.