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Global coronavirus cases hit 10 million

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The confirmed global Covid-19 cases surpassed 10 million with over 500,000 fatalities as of Monday morning.

Besides, over 5 million people have made recovery from the coronavirus, according to the latest tally from Johns Hopkins University (JHU).

The worst-hit US has recorded 2,548,143 confirmed cases with a death toll of 125,799.

Brazil has come up to the second position with 1,344,143 confirmed cases and 57,662 deaths.

Russia has counted the third highest Covid-19 cases - 633,563...

Swarms of locusts reach outskirts of Indian capital city

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NEW DELHI, June 28 (Net) -- Swarms of crop-destroying desert locusts Saturday invaded Gurugram, the outskirts of Indian capital city Delhi.
Witnesses said they watched the swarms moving in clusters in the sky outside their building and many people recorded the videos of the swarms from their...

4 men charged in attack on Jackson statue near White House

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WASHINGTON (Net) — Federal authorities have charged four men in connection with a failed effort last week to pull down the statue of President Andrew Jackson near the White House.
In a complaint unsealed Saturday, authorities allege that the men damaged and attempted to tear down the Jackson...

China virus cases stabilize as Italy sees drop in deaths

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BEIJING (Net) — China has extended COVID-19 tests to newly reopened salons amid a drop in cases, while South Korea continues to face new infections after it eased social distancing rules to lift the economy.
In the U.S., Vice President Mike Pence called off off a planned campaign bus tour in...

Coronavirus: Global death toll rises to 497,345

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The global death toll from coronavirus reached 497,345 at 15:11pm till Saturday (Bangladesh Time), according to latest data from worldometer.

While 99,25,880 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus, 53,75,152 patients have recovered across the world, the source said.

Besides, the active...

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